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Are you ready to easily manage your equipment repairs?

Simplified Work Order
Management and Control

Connecting Commercial Foodservice Operators to Easier Repair and Maintenance Management

Simplify Service Requests

Save time spent preparing orders. Easily submit your work orders for any number of locations and at any time – at no cost.

Get Real-time Updates

Just like our service, the USG Connect platform is available 24/7/365 for detailed, real-time updates on your equipment repair and maintenance, so you always know the status of your service request.

Access to All USG companies!

USG Connect means a faster first-time fix. Tap into our extensive network of 31 leading service companies, spanning over 130 locations nationwide.

Access Direct Communication

With detailed, in-platform communication and equipment notes from your Unlimited Service Group company, you can see all your questions and answers in one place. No more lengthy email chains or missed calls!

Streamline Work Order Management

USG Connect simplifies the oversight and handling of all your service orders for all your locations, and this user-friendly, computerized maintenance management system keeps track of everything in one place!

Gain Strategic Insights

Robust reporting means you can understand exactly what is happening with your foodservice equipment, enabling smarter decisions that save time and money.

See if You Qualify 

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Discover the USG Connect Advantage


Faster, Easier Foodservice Equipment Repairs with USG Connect

From bustling restaurants to busy cafeterias, USG Connect by Unlimited Service Group, is your commercial kitchen's one-stop platform for hassle-free and scalable repairs and maintenance.

Discover if you’re among the few who benefit early from our platform.

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